The Prison of the palace.

There are many times when we get frustrated-easily. Situations arise contrary to our expectation and it is beyond our control. We were refused that promotion though we had all the requirements and have been with the company longer. We are caught up in a gap job and feel stuck about how to begin our career. We have lost hope, because we believed the last person who said it’d be alright and that was 3 months ago. Our family and friends have given up on us, because we have continually spoken of our dreams and it has failed to materialise. We have given up on us, because our vision came a distant time ago and now it seems even more further away and so we have lost confidence in our gifts and abilities, and seek satisfaction is just living without living.

Whether you are a Christian or not, you’ve got to hope in something-because the rough times are real. And even if you harbour hope in yourself and your talents, there are times where your talents alone will fail you- there are some times that y o u will fail y o u.

Story time!

Let me tell you a condensed version of the powerful biblical story of Joseph. A man who received a great vision when very young, but for 50 years, it seemed like nothing was going to happen. If we were him, we would’ve probably lost hope and filled our lives with doubt. We most likely would’ve lost confidence and not dared to share the dream we once had for fear of being mocked. But as Joseph’s life went from bad to worse with the periodical spurns of promotion, instead of losing hope, he gained confidence. He allowed each passing day, week, month, year and situation mould him and sharpen his skills. The same skills he needed to get to where he was going.

Are you so frustrated that you aren’t letting the situations sharpen you?

Keep reading and be encouraged.

Just before he was placed where he had to be, Joseph was held captive at the palace but The Lord was with Him and showed him favour with the prison keeper (Genesis 39:20-21). He was eventually elevated and become prime minister of Egypt. Residing and ruling at and from the very place he was held captive-the palace.

Sometimes God has already brought us to where our destiny would take shape but the devil is cunning and holds us captive at the very place of our breakthrough.The captivity blinds us from realising where we have been brought to. This is because our mindset also falls captive and we believe we are prisoners, we believe we are ‘less’, we believe the situation is huge, or we believe nothing good would come up again. But we need to rise up and recognise that it could be that at the very court, dimension, place that we have been held captive is the very place we have been brought to to be elevated. Since it isn’t the right time, God allows the devil to play his game and it is during this time we need to acknowledge our surroundings and encourage ourselves in The Lord-rather than bow to our circumstance. We need to believe the truth and not the fact. As a man thinketh, so is He (Proverbs 23: 7). But most importantly, our present situation is a fact and not the truth. The truth is what we believe it to be and if you are a Christian, your truth is success (though you don’t yet see it), and victory (though you don’t yet feel it).

At God’s appointed time, He would bring us to another angle of our location and elevate us. Joseph was held prisoner in the prison of the palace but elevated in the courts of the palace. All it takes is for you to be at a different angle of your captivity and that happens in God’s time. But how are you viewing your forthcoming elevation? Are you just seeing the walls of the prison or are you seeing the location of the prison-the palace? For when you see the palace and not the prison, you trust God and readily use His gift in you despite your situation. This allows Him to magnify Himself and use the prison to show you the integrity of what He has placed in you. For indeed He would make room for you before great men at the palace. But would you be ready to take your place in the courts of the palace or would you be too captivated by your current position in prison?

Thanks for reading.

Stephanie Foster

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