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This is something God shared with me and I would like to share it with you. I believe that there is so much that God has placed in us and He remains the master planner, and every master planner reveals the necessary part of their plans when they have to. This may just be it…

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee”.

This is a very popular bible verse and you have probably heard it so many times, but sometimes, God reveals something new with the old that excites you and that is certainly what this did.

Let us break it down.

The preposition ‘before’ is a time preceding now. And here, it relates to a time preceding when you were conceived. God is the author of time. He exists outside of time, in time and throughout time. When you weren’t formed, He knew you.

The first person ‘I’ makes this statement personal. It could have been recorded: ‘before you were conceived, you were known by God’. But rather, God is telling us in first person-making it personal.

The verb ‘formed’ here means that you were strategically created and positioned in that specific belly to be birthed.

‘Knew’ is in the past tense but the present tense is ‘to know’. To know means that you are firstly confident and sure of your knowledge of lets say a person and secondly, you have an intimate relationship with the person.

Thus God is saying through Jeremiah to us that, in a time preceding the time that you and I were conceived, He had already established an intimate relationship with you that makes Him so sure of His knowledge of you. (Ephesians 1:4 says “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before Him in love”.). He personally and strategically placed us together. Each hair, tooth, lash, mark, and characteristic. “let us create man in our own image”…”God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:31). We are good. Then after He made us, He made a belly for us and intentionally placed us there.

In the bible when it is recorded that a man ‘knew’ there must be fruitfulness. “Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived” (Genesis 4:1). Eve was fruitful as a result. Therefore, God said He knew you. Which means that as a result of His already established relationship with you, you MUST bear fruit. And everything you need to do so, He has equipped you at the point of conception. Just as when God created the earth for man, everything we initially needed was already here for us to enjoy but the things we later needed, like building structures and cars for example, He gave us the ideas to use the resources He has equipped us with to get them. Making houses from wood, paper from wood, using wind and water to create electricity for example.

We are made in the image of a Creator, so we are creative. Everything you need to be equipped for God’s purpose is within you. In the form of gifts and talents and ideas. All of this happened before sin so it is perfect. Therefore when God calls you, He isn’t calling just who you presently are. He is calling the one He Knew before and the one He has equipped you to be because your pre-state has had intimacy with God and your future state is fruitful in God, however, your present state is caught up in the process. Therefore when God calls you, place the call back in His hands (present state) as He is able to awaken what is within you spiritually (pre-state), to bear forth His Power, Will and Glory (future state).

So who are we to doubt, reject, refuse and deny God? You must always remember that “before He formed you in your mother’s womb, He KNEW you”. After He has chosen to do all this, who are we to withhold ourselves from Him? This even happened before Christ’s death-showing you how important you are to Him. In 2017, don’t doubt God and don’t limit God. Whatever God has called you to do, He is confident you can do it, because He is sure of His knowledge of you. He is very confident in whom you are. He has equipped you to do it and He believes in you. As a result of His intimate relationship with you, remember that you must be fruitful and also remember that the Holy Spirit is here to sharpen you, lead you and inspire you. Yield to Him and watch Him lead you into victory.

Thanks for reading.

Stephanie Foster

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